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Whether it feels like fall just started or you’ve been waiting several long months for the temperatures to drop, winter will be here before you know it! You need to make sure your furnace is adequately prepared to keep your home warm and toasty all winter long. To ensure you don’t have any unexpected heater breakdowns, follow these tips for getting your furnace ready for winter.

Change Your Air Filters

Ideally, HVAC filters should be replaced every few months, but we understand that it can be hard to remember to do this in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life. Now that winter is right around the corner, though, you should really go ahead and replace these filters. Replacing these filters keeps dust and dirt out of your HVAC system and ensures that your furnace operates efficiently throughout its lifespan.

You may have air filters behind vent grills in your walls or ceiling or just one filter in the furnace itself. In either case, make sure you have enough new filters to replace each one. 

Inspect the Chimney

It’s important to hire a trained professional to inspect your furnace’s chimney before the winter season rolls in. Animals often build nests inside the chimney, and dirt and debris can quickly accumulate in this space even when it’s not in use. A professional can clear these obstructions and even take care of soot buildup to reduce the risk of house fires.

Lubricate the Blower Motor

The blower motor inside your furnace plays a crucial role in your system’s efficiency. For this reason, it’s important to lubricate this mechanism when getting your furnace ready for winter. If the blower motor isn’t well-oiled, it can begin to act up, creating odd noises and leaving your home colder than you wish it to be.

It’s important to note that not every blower motor needs to be lubricated. Before doing so, make sure you check your furnace’s owner’s manual.

Test the Igniter Switch

If you have an older gas furnace, you should always check the igniter switch when getting your furnace ready for the cold winter months. You may need to relight the pilot switch, but if that doesn’t work, you need to call in a repair technician to resolve the issue. Modern furnaces are equipped with electronic igniter switches that are much easier to manage. However, if hitting the reset button doesn’t get your ignitor or furnace to work, reach out to your local HVAC professionals.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Whether you’re ready to leave the heat on or not, you should test your heating system to ensure it works properly when the cold weather becomes extreme. Switch the thermostat from cooling to heating and bump up the temperature a few degrees higher than the current temp in the room. If you don’t hear the furnace start after a few minutes, there’s likely an underlying problem that will need to be addressed by a professional. Fortunately, the professionals at Hummingbird Heating & Cooling provide prompt furnace repair throughout Syracuse, NY, and the surrounding areas.

Ensure Your Heating Vents Are Uncovered

While getting your furnace ready for winter, make sure nothing is blocking the heating vents. Blocked vents can prevent your heating system from warming your house and even cause your furnace to overheat.

Schedule a Professional Furnace Cleaning Early

The best way to get your furnace ready for winter is to schedule furnace maintenance as soon as the weather starts dropping. The professionals at Hummingbird Heating & Cooling will ensure your heating system is properly cleaned and lubricated (when necessary), so you don’t have to worry about suffering in a cold house in the dead of winter. By scheduling a tune-up, you also ensure minor problems — whether with the blower motor, igniter switch, heat exchanger, thermostat, or another component — are caught before your system breaks down.

For superior results and a long-lasting system, contact our heating professionals in Syracuse, NY, today! We’ll help you book a furnace repair or maintenance that works around your schedule.