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It’s a hot day outside, and you’ve been looking forward to relaxing in fresh, cool air from your air conditioning unit. However, you arrive home to discover that your house smells bad. 

You search your home for the source of the unpleasant smells before finally realizing your air conditioner smells funny. In addition, its fan motor is spreading that strange smell throughout the rooms in your home. When you have a smelly AC unit, there are several possible causes. 

When your AC smells bad, it’s a problem you must resolve as soon as possible. Whatever is causing your air conditioning system to release foul odors can cause illness, result in issues with your HVAC system, and lead to costly repairs down the line. 

At Hummingbird Heating & Cooling, our team of HVAC technicians offers expert AC repairs in Syracuse, NY. We’re the birds that have your back! Furthermore, we’re here to provide some insight into why your air conditioning smells funny to help keep you and your family safe and comfortable.

Bad Air Conditioner Smells and What They Mean

If your air conditioner smells funny, there are several possible causes for the unpleasant odor. No matter the reason, you’ll want to solve the problem immediately so you don’t have to breathe in that smelly air. Here are some common causes for a smelly AC unit in your home:

Exhaust Fumes or Rotten Eggs

If you smell exhaust fumes or gas, open as many windows as possible and exit your home. Call the fire department and your local gas company to report a possible gas leak. While most AC units aren’t powered by gas, ones that are may have an issue with fluids leaking into the airflow of the HVAC system. 

A smelly AC unit with a rotten egg odor, also associated with gas leaks, may occur from a dead animal in the ductwork. However, your AC system may be circulating gas if other appliances or the gas hook-up to your home is experiencing a leak unrelated to your air conditioning system. 

Burning Smell

When you smell a burning or gunpowder smell, it’s critical to determine the source of the smell. Turn off your AC unit immediately if you encounter a burning smell and believe it’s coming from your unit. Additionally, check your home for signs of a fire, and call 911 if you suspect one. 

If you don’t see any signs of a fire, open the HVAC closet or head down to your indoor unit and smell the area. If you can smell gunpowder or a burning smell, the circuit board or fan motor has likely shorted out or is in the process of shorting out. 

Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew are common culprits when an air conditioner smells bad. If you smell moldy air from your AC vents, mold or fungus can grow around your AC unit and enter an air duct. 

If mold or mildew is why your air conditioner smells funny, we recommend changing the air filter in your unit. However, there are likely additional issues that require the attention of certified HVAC technicians to diagnose. 

Skunk Odor

A smelly AC unit with a skunk odor is one you can’t mistake for something else. If you smell this odor, it means that gas, specifically Methyl Mercaptan, is leaking into your ductwork.

Immediately turn off your gas supply at the first sign of this smell. Then, contact your utility company to determine its source and repair the problem. 

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At Hummingbird Heating & Cooling, our HVAC professionals can handle any repair you need for your air conditioning unit. If there’s a strange smell coming from your AC system, don’t hesitate to call us for help. When your air conditioner smells funny, we can diagnose the issue and make repairs. 

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