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New York summers can reach brutally hot temperatures during their heights. You want an air conditioner that can handle your home’s demands and provide a nice breath of fresh air when necessary. You need a proven team to handle the job after you’ve gone to the thermostat, turned it on, and discovered you’re dealing with a broken AC unit. Enter — HummingBird.

Our experienced technicians have provided quick and efficient AC repairs in Syracuse, NY, for decades. We have worked with replacement AC units from the top brands on the market and know how to find the ideal-sized AC replacement for your home.

Hummingbird Heating and Cooling Syracuse NY

AC Installation Services

Finding an air conditioning repair company for your cooling needs is only half the battle — you want a team that can handle the installation too. Fortunately, we can help with your AC installation needs as well.

No one wants to spend the summer without the cool and refreshing reprieve from the scorching heat. Whether your existing one is on the fritz or you want to upgrade to a newer model, we have your installation covered. We work with our clients to find the best replacement AC unit for your broken or out-of-date system and install the new one quickly.

Goodman Amana

Leave complex installations to HummingBird!

AC Unit Installations & Repairs

Before bringing in the best, you need to know if your home needs AC repair in Syracuse, NY. Knowing how to identify a broken AC unit and how you can fix it can help prevent long periods when your home is subject to the summer heat. Some of these signs that you need an experienced air conditioning repair company to bring in an AC replacement include:

  • Loud noises from inside the unit

  • The thermostat stops working

  • Not enough humidity gets pulled out of the air

  • Problems won’t go away after AC unit repair is performed

Why Is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

One of the most common times you need experienced AC unit repair happens when your system stops working as intended. When you turn the unit on, and you’re met with a blast of warmth, it’s only fair to ask — why is my AC not blowing cold air?

Five possible reasons why you aren’t getting the relief you need — and may require AC repair in Syracuse, NY — include:

  • Leaking refrigerant

  • Dirty filters

  • Broken evaporator coils

  • Clogged registers

  • Thermostat issues

Is Your AC malfunctioning ? Call HummingBird!

When you need reliable AC repairs in Syracuse, NY, one company has routinely proven to have their customer’s best interests at heart and deliver phenomenal service — Hummingbird. Our AC contractors can respond to calls throughout the Greater NY area, including Baldwinsville, Bridgeport, Fayetteville, Camillus, Liverpool, Manilus, and Phoenix. Contact our team for a quote and schedule an appointment for our air conditioning services today!