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Year-Round Savings & Peace of Mind for Your Nest

Spread Your Wings — $249/Year

  • Two tune-ups per year (heating & cooling)

  • 15% off regular-hours diagnostic fee

  • 15% off repairs

  • Preferred scheduling in 48 hours or less

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There’s No Better Way to Prevent Repairs & Fly Farther

Did you know the majority of heating and cooling repairs stem from poorly maintained equipment? Correcting the smaller problems before they can become major ones makes all the difference. By taking proper care of your equipment, you will:

  • Lower your long-term energy bills. Well-maintained equipment uses less energy each day.
  • Help prevent system repairs and maximize the life of your equipment. You’ll save money by avoiding unexpected repair costs and an early system replacement.
  • Save even more with our membership perks. It pays to be an Early Bird!



Clean system and remove dust
Change system filter (customer provides filter)
Clean all drains & tubes
Clean flame sensor
Check amp draw on blower and inducer with capacitor checks


Disassemble and clean outdoor unit completely
Check refrigerant levels
Change system filter (customer provides filter)
Check amp draw on outdoor fan and blower on indoor motor
Check capacitor
Clean indoor coil & drain line


Why Choose Hummingbird?

These Birds Have Your Back

✓ Here to take your call 24/7
✓ More than a decade of experience
✓ 100% satisfaction guarantee
✓ Industry-leading products and solutions
✓ Unmatched commitment to our community and customers

Every Year, Your Nest Is Put to the Test
A vital part of every nest is the heating and cooling equipment. Are you humming along through the seasons or dealing with constant repairs and high energy bills? Annual maintenance is, by far, the most effective way to prevent costly repairs and keep your home running smoothly.

About Hummingbird Heating & Cooling
Founded on more than 10 years of experience, Hummingbird Heating & Cooling provides harmonious, whole-home solutions for customers in Syracuse and throughout Upstate New York. No matter what you need for your nest, we’re the rare birds who will aim higher and fly the extra mile for you and your family.