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If you’re in charge of maintaining a Syracuse household, you should know that your HVAC system is bound to run into some issues. An HVAC system is complex and runs through the entire house. With several major components and vents running through the entire house, it’s tricky figuring out what causes a specific problem.

That’s why we’re here to help you spot these common issues to give you a better idea of how to repair your HVAC in Syracuse, NY

Dirty filters

Your HVAC system has several filters in it and it’s important these are regularly cleaned or replaced. Dirty air filters restrict airflow to your HVAC that causes it to work inefficiently. You may notice less air from the blowers and that your Syracuse home isn’t as cool or warm as it should be.

Restricted airflow because of dirty filters also causes your HVAC system to work harder. This puts unnecessary stress on other components of the HVAC, leads to quicker wear and tear, and also consumes more energy, raising your electrical bills.

Pilot or ignition problems

Ignition problems in your furnace can result from a number of causes. If your pilot, flame sensor, or burners are dirty, this can cause an array of issues such as a pilot outage, short cycling, furnace lockout, or delayed ignition of burners. This could be the result of a gas supply problem or just wear and tear of an ignition component.

Ignition problems are tricky to figure out. That’s why it’s best to leave this to a Syracuse, NY HVAC repair company. They will have the expertise to accurately diagnose and address any issues.

Thermostat malfunctions

A lot of the times when your heater or air conditioner isn’t working, the problem is just a setting with the thermostat. Additionally, if your thermostat isn’t positioned properly, it won’t properly tell the temperature of the room. This can cause the HVAC to cycle constantly or behave erratically as it responds to the temperature of the spot where the thermostat is located.

If you have a programmable thermostat, it may have batteries that need to be replaced periodically. Always take a look first as this can save you from having to call a Syracuse, NY HVAC repair company.

Refrigerant Leaks

When your air conditioner isn’t cooling, this could be because of a refrigerant leak. If you’re leaking, simply topping it up won’t solve it. Refrigerant runs in a closed system, so a leak will also mean something’s broken.

This is another problem that should be handled by a Syracuse HVAC repair company. Refrigerant is poisonous should these types of jobs should only be accomplished by a professional residential HVAC company in Syracuse.

Evaporator & Condenser Issues

Dirty evaporator and condenser coils can cause your HVAC to malfunction or perform poorly. Condenser coils are found in the outdoor unit and can be visually inspected for dirt. You can hose this down after shutting off power to the compressor at the electrical panel. The area around your outdoor unit should be cleaned and kept clear of debris as well to ensure the performance of the condenser.

Evaporator coils on the other hand get dirty because of a clogged air filter. A dirty evaporator coil impacts the performance of both your furnace and air conditioner.

Lack of maintenance

Improper or infrequent maintenance is a common cause of many other problems. Whatever HVAC system you have, proper regular maintenance is key to increasing its longevity and guaranteeing peak performance from your HVAC.

Of course, most homeowners don’t know how to repair their Syracuse HVAC and that’s okay. The best course of action is to schedule regular maintenance of your HVAC with a residential HVAC company in Syracuse, NY like Hummingbird Heating & Cooling.
Hummingbird Heating & Cooling is here to exceed your expectations. We can help with anything related to your Syracuse HVAC, whether it’s maintenance, repair, cleaning, inspection, or UV sanitizing filtration. Call us today and feel confident knowing we know how to repair your HVAC in Syracuse, NY.